Optimize your photos for social networking sites

For just $3.50, you can edit and share your photos more easily online.

If you've ever uploaded photos to Facebook or other social networking sites, you know that it has some limitations. Of course, they make it easy for you to upload your photos and share it with your friends, but what if you wanted to do some minor edits to remove red eyes, crop images, add special effects, watermarks and more?

I am one of the worst photo sharer amongst my friends because it's just too tedious and time consuming. I have to go edit the image size (Facebook's maximum file size is 15MB, which is great, but some of my photos are bigger) and if the image size is as big as 15MB, it seems to take much longer to upload and I just don't have time to wait around for that. So, I just don't share as often as I should and I end up with angry friends.

So, I decided to give this product a try and would love your feedback after you've tried it as well. Impressions Future Media has a product called Picture Dude Image Uploader Plus, which promises to do all the simple photo editing without the cost of an expensive image editing software. It's normally priced at $4.99, but for a limited time only, they are offering their Plus version at just $3.50.

For a price of a latte, why not give this app a try and save 30% today?