Mahjong Suite breathes new life into the classic card game

Get sweet puzzle-based, tile-matching gameplay with Mahjong Suite -- now half off on

Mahjong's foreign design and perceived "mystical" origin may have marginalized it among Western card gamers. But did you know that Americans have been aware of the game since the late 19th Century? The first company to sell Mahjong sets in the U.S. was Abercrombie & Fitch, back in the 1920s. The game proved to be so popular that A&F's founder, Ezra Fitch, sent agents to China to purchase as many Mahjong sets as they could to resell in the U.S..

By the turn of the millennium, Mahjong had already garnered a healthy number of fans in the U.S. The game even found its way onto Windows Vista and later Windows 7 in the form of a solitaire game. With TreeCardGames' Mahjong Suite, you can get more of the sweet tile-matching gameplay.

Admittedly, Mahjong Suite isn't actual Mahjong, but a solitaire game with Mahjong tiles. It is still a great way to introduce yourself to the game pieces and the Chinese characters inscribed on them. The rules are elementary: Match exact pieces (tiles) to remove them from the board. A tile is free if there's no other tile to the right or the left in the arrangement; and you can only match "free" tiles, so plan carefully before making your selection. Match pieces, clear them, free up some more, and then repeat. Intended for all ages, the game can provide a suitable challenge for players of any skill level. Set up multiple accounts to compete with friends and family members.

Main Features:

  • More than 165 different layouts.
  • 50 beautiful tile sets.
  • Dozens of scenic backgrounds.
  • Lots of advanced features, options, and statistics.
  • Customizable tile sets and backgrounds.
  • A unique built-in layout editor that lets you change the layout of any game.
  • The option of changing the backgrounds by using custom images.
  • Statistics with graphs, 3D charts (pies and bars), and tables to measure your skill level.

Mahjong Suite is like Windows Mahjong Titan on steroids. The game can hold endless hours of fun for solitaire lovers everywhere. Challenge yourself or get friends and family in on the action and set some records. Normally offered at $18.85, Mahjong Suite 2013 is now available for $8.99 -- that's over 50 percent off, through

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