Kingsoft Office Suite Pro is now 40 percent off

With clean and responsive design, Kingsoft Office lets you get work done from anywhere -- now for a low price.

If you're tired of paying for pricey office suites, but find that free word processors lack the tools to get real work done, Kingsoft can meet you in the middle with just the right balance of price and utility. Kingsoft Office Suite Pro is a reliable word and data processor that can help people work effectively. With a smaller system requirement, the suite is guaranteed to be compatible with almost any platform, from the older but still popular Windows XP to the modern touch-enabled Windows 8.

The latest 2013 edition presents a redesigned UI that is clean and responsive. A hit with users (4.5 Stars), Kingsoft Office makes document editing easy with its specialized paragraph tools and table tools. With many unnecessary features removed, it now runs much faster than other office suites and you needn't pay for functions you don't use. Best of all, Kingsoft Office comes with 24/7 e-mail support. You can also raise questions in the forum for advices and tips from other users.

Compare office suites: users can now get Kingsoft Office Suite Pro for $42 -- 40 percent off the regular $69.95 price tag. Try it free with the 30-day trial before you decide. The offer will last for one week and ends at 11:59 P.M. PST, Tuesday, Dec. 17.

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