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UPDATE: This offer has now ended.

Ever spent hours trying to create a slideshow for your wedding, baby shower, or birthdays? I sure have. I specifically remember a time when I was in charge of creating my sister's baby shower slideshow. It started out as a beautiful San Francisco day that soon turned into a night with one too many cups of coffee, I might add, and by the time I was finished, the birds were chirping and it was morning again. I hadn't slept one bit and wondered, how was this possible? I remember trying to match my songs and transitions to each photos and videos, then accidentally hitting some button that messed up the whole set up and having to start all over again.

Nevertheless, it turned out fine after all, but when I was asked to create another slideshow for a friend's wedding, I was thrilled, but was a little worried for yet another all-nighter... until I got ahold of Magix Photostory. Honestly, I was skeptical at first, but when I got going, I was done in a couple of hours. It was that easy. If you are looking to do more with your photos and videos, look no further, Magix Photostory on CD & DVD 10 Deluxe will save you hours of time and let you create the best story with your photos and videos.

As an added bonus, we are giving away a free copy of PC Check and Tuning to speed up your old PC and make it feel new again. For a limited time only, you can grab both copies for just $19.99 and save over 84% off of its MSRP price of $129.98. Say no to just another slideshow. Say no to a slow computer.

Magix Photostory on CD & DVD 10 Deluxe features:

  • Supports 2D and 3D photos and videos.
  • Image optimization and video stabilization tools.
  • Magix Music Editor 3 sound editor.
  • Final projects can be exported to DVD and/or Blu-ray Disc, or any mobile device.

PC Check & Tuning 2011 features:

  • Increased performance by up to 300%.
  • High-speed mode gives your computer a performance boost with just one click.
  • Get a license for up to 3 PCs so you can increase the performance of three of your household's PCs.

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