It just takes one click

FileStream Take-1 Recorder, a multipurpose app that allows you to capture your screen and record videos, voice-overs, and more, is yours for just $9.95. This is a 24-hour exclusive deal, so get it now before the offer ends.

Have you ever felt the need to capture what's on your computer screen? There are plenty of free apps out there for a simple task like this, but what if you wanted to do more? What if you wanted to show your parents how to download and install iTunes, so they can start using their brand-new iPhones? Instead of trying to explain this over the phone, you can use FileStream Take-1 Recorder to record your voice and your computer screen and send them a how-to video directly. That way, your parents can open up the video and follow along as you explain exactly what to do every step of the way.

FileStream Take-1 Recorder is designed to do this and more. In addition to creating your own tutorials and how-to videos, you can capture an entire Web page and mark it up, using the built-in onscreen markup tools. You no longer have to open up a second app to draw a circle around the problem area and to draw attention to one section. In addition, if you're watching a video on YouTube, for instance, you can record your screen and save the video to view at a later time.

Though it's normally priced at $69.95, we've partnered with the developer of this program to bring you a special 24-hour deal for just $9.95. You might be wondering why you would need an app like this, but if you want to visually share what you are seeing on your screen versus explaining it, then this might be an app you might find useful.

Take a look at some of the key features and see for yourself why this app is a must-have, especially at this low special rate!

  • Capture an entire Web page, including the offscreen portion.
  • Record voice-overs along with your videos.
  • Share your screen online via YouTube, Skype, WebCam, and more.
  • Add lines, arrows, circles, and text to emphasize items on your screen.

Exclusively available on CNET for one day only--the promotion starts now and expires 11:59 PM PT on Friday, October 21, 2011.