Giveaway: Move to iTransfer and give iTunes its swan song

Transfer and retrieve files directly from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad without using iTunes. Leawo iTransfer, normally $19.99, is now free for one week -- exclusively through

As a Windows-centric user and part-time Apple lover, I really enjoy iTunes, at least on the Mac. But I will always be disdainful of its Windows counterpart. Windows iTunes is sluggish, crashes randomly for no reason, and with the latest update (ver. 11), it's not, overall, the most intuitive experience when there are multiple iDevices synced to one computer.

Leawo iTransfer has always been a popular iTunes (for Windows) replacement in our catalog. Using iTransfer is easy: just connect your device, drag and drop the files you want to transfer -- and you're done! Retrieving files from any iDevice and transferring them to your PC is also a cinch. It's great for whenever you want to share a video or song from your phone or tablet with friends. It works with most types of files: music, videos, photos, and even ringtones. With iTransfer, you can drag and drop PDFs to be readable instantly on your iDevice and even turn the extra space into a Flash drive -- something that can't be done through regular channels. Leawo normally charges 20 bucks for iTransfer, but for one week only, they are rewarding their loyal users with a free giveaway of their most popular product. You read that right: this week only, you can get iTransfer at no charge!

Key Features:

  • Transfer files between iOS devices, iTunes, and your PC.
  • Back up videos, audio, apps, images, e-books, and more.
  • Turn your iDevices into Flash drives.
  • Sort out files with smart filter and file search function.
  • Support the latest operating system (iOS 6) and the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod.
  • Manage playlists with ease.
Supported Devices:  iPod iPhone iPad iOS
iPod touch iPhone iPad iOS 4.2
iPod mini iPhone 3G iPad 2 iOS 4.3
iPod nano iPhone 3GS  iPad 3 iOS 5
iPod shuffle iPhone 4 iPad 4 iOS 6
iPod classic  iPhone 4S iPad mini
iPhone 5

Leawo iTransfer supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8. The giveaway lasts for one week and ends at 11:59 P.M. PST Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

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