Give your PC a little love

Exclusively on CNET, save 75% on Uniblue's PowerSuite 2013 and get the brand-new PC feeling all over again.

I am a PC user and a Mac user. My PC is an Alienware that allows me to play my MMORPGs for whenever time permits me to do so and the graphics on that little powerful machine makes me sing. My Mac, on the other hand, is primarily for work and is used on a daily basis for simple tasks. Luckily for me, my semi-new PC is well-maintained and doesn't give me a lot of problems anymore, but until this one, I have had my share of slow, problematic PCs that used to keep me up at night, literally. To open one application shouldn't take 10 minutes, should it? I've cleaned out all of my Temp folders and Download folders, but why do I still have no space in my hard drive? Where are they all hiding? If you know what I am talking about here, you are in luck.

Sometimes, you just don't know what software you need to fix that one problem with your PC. Or maybe it's a series of problems causing your PC to act the way it does. If you haven't resorted to just buying an entire new PC like I did, you have options. Uniblue's PowerSuite 2013 comes jam-packed with everything you need to fix and maintain your PC at its most optimal performance level. With its all-in-one complete solutions package, it not only helps you figure out what's slowing down your PC, but cleans up unnecessary files that's taking up your valuable hard drive space and improves the overall health and stability of your PC.

Uniblue PowerSuite 2013 main screen (Credit: Catherine Hwang Preisler)

Check out its main features:

  • With just one click, start a full system scan to discover how to optimize your system and identify refinements that can be made, such as removing invalid registry entries, unused processes, junk files and outdated drivers.
  • Custom speed tools sharpen your PC speed by managing CPU resources, boosting software and thumbnail image launches and decreasing start menu launch times.
  • Clean unnecessary items, such as junk files and old backup files, which take up space and slow down a PC.
  • Deactivate unused processes and removes invalid registry entries for a cleaner, healthier PC whilst preventing slowdowns, crashes and freezes<.>
  • A comprehensive disk analysis will help you find out which files can be defragmented and how much disk space is available.

I have heard from others that while this is a great feature-rich product, it does come with a hefty price tag of $89.95, but exclusively on CNET for 7 days only, you can take 75% off of its MSRP price and get it for just $22.48. This is the lowest price Uniblue has ever offered this PowerSuite product, so take advantage of this exclusive offer now while you still can.

This offer is exclusively available on CNET for 7 days only and the offer ends at 11:59pm PT on Sunday, March 17, 2013.