From the weekend Picassos to the accomplished digital Michelangelos, Corel can get you inspired to make some gorgeous digital art with its Paint It and Painter Lite software.

Paint It gives you the ability to add personal touches to any photos. More than a basic filter, Paint It lets you control the creative process with a variety of tools including multiple painting styles, brushes, and realistic effects. Restore details, brighten colors, and add your own special signature. The result is a hand-painted portrait ready for the art gallery. (We can't guarantee this, but it will surely impress your friends and family). Paint It is ideal for designing home decorations, making scrapbooks, and gift giving.


  • Personal, painted art in minutes
  • Hand-painted look--effortlessly
  • Fun for all ages and skill sets
  • Easy, creative effects
  • Compatible with popular photo editing software

For the aspiring artists that want to take it a step further, Corel Painter Lite is a powerful application that provides the most realistic digital art experience. With a wide range of brushes, palettes, paper textures, and other tools, you can make a seamless transition from the physical canvas to the digital one. High-quality, original creations are now within reach. We recommend the use of a digital stylus to get the most out of Painter Lite. This is a great way to get your brushes wet in the world of digital art without the high price commitment.


  • Acrylic, Air brushes, and Artist brushes
  • Chalk, Pastels, and Crayons
  • Erasers, F/X, and Gouache
  • Pencils and Pen for sketches, Impasto and Markers for applying thick paint.
  • Oil brushes, Digital Watercolor, Sumi-E(Ink)
  • 10 traditional paper textures
  • Complements other popular photo editing software and hardware

Exclusively for users and for 10 days only, Corel is offering Paint It ($39.99) and Painter Lite ($69) for a bundle price of $39.99 (valued at $108.99) -- a 65 percent savings. Corel Paint It! and Painter Lite are compatible with Windows or Mac. This exclusive deal ends at 12:00pm PST on Wednesday, June 5, 2013.

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