Fix your music library with TuneUp, your music companion

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If you've ever had to transfer your iTunes library to a new computer, you know it can be quite a painful process. These days, Apple has made it easier than ever before to transfer your music library from one computer to another, but some years ago, it was not easy. I tried to move my entire iTunes library to my new computer via the external hard drive and failed miserably. After some consolidating of files, clicking through the hidden folders, importing/exporting the xml file, a good portion of my music library turned into gibberish. See below and you know what I'm talking about. I've lived with this iTunes library for many years now, but because I got so fed up, I never bothered to fix it.

Missing artist names and song titles in the iTunes library (Credit: Catherine Hwang)

This is the very reason why I took TuneUp Bundle for a test run. I installed the software and chose a number of songs that listed out "Unknown Artist" with "XISFKZ1" as song titles. After a quick scan, the app told me that I had 18 album matches and when I hit Save All, voila! I had the song titles and the artist names back in my library and I was a happy camper all over again. There are some songs TuneUp failed to find a match for, but I am not sweating it. I think I can live with some twenty unknown song titles and artists than one thousand.

iTunes library fixed by the TuneUp app (Credit: Catherine Hwang)

Rated 4 stars by CNET, TuneUp is a must-have companion app for iTunes and Windows Media Player that will manage, organize and totally transform any digital music collection. Using its unique acoustic fingerprinting technology that digitally "listens" to your music to identify it, TuneUp quickly and accurately fixes all of your mislabeled song information, including "Track_01", "Unknown Artist", missing or incorrect genre, release year and artist. TuneUp also allows you to recapture the feeling of your old CDs and LPs by seamlessly filling in all of your missing album cover art. Finally, TuneUp lets you free up valuable space on all of your devices by intelligently removing all of your duplicate tracks.

After you've organized your digital music collection, check out TuneUp's bonus feature: Tuniverse, a virtual treasure chest of music-related goodness, all personalized to the songs in your music collection. With Tuniverse, they promise to get you the most personalized concert alerts, music videos, artist bios and so much more.

So, try it out for yourself. At just $24.98 (reg.$49.95) for the lifetime membership of one computer, this is the best deal they have ever ran for their TuneUp bundle product, so get it now before it ends. The product works on both Mac and PC and is good for one day only, so get one for yourself and for your friend too. Expires at 11:59pm PT on July 31, 2012.