Experience Google Earth as never before

At only 99 cents, you can see the world from a different perspective with KMZ Maps for Google Earth. It's exclusively available on CNET for 24 hours only.

Lover of maps, are you? I personally love getting lost in a big city, trying to get myself from point A to point B, but I guess I would never want to get lost in the middle of nowhere, whether that be with or without a map.

Nevertheless, maps get us to places we want to go and help us see the world from a different perspective; and that's exactly what this app does.

KMZ maps are Earth Maps that enhance and customize your Google Earth experience. With this app, you can easily wrap around the globe in your Google Earth software, creating stunning and beautiful visualizations.

Included in this app are five different collections:

  • Stylized Earth Maps
  • Solid Color Earth Maps
  • Latitude Longitude Earth Maps
  • Natural Terrain Earth Maps
  • Vector Lines Collection

Exclusively available on CNET for one day only; the promotion starts now and expires at 11:59 p.m. PT on Friday, October 14, 2011.