Create fliers in just three easy steps--save 87%

Do you want to know how to crate fliers and brochures with QR codes and Google Maps? Check it out for yourself and see why you'll save time and money with this app.

If you haven't updated your latest fliers, certificates, or brochures templates for your business, events or products you may own, it's about time you upgrade and check out this app.

Within the last year, you may have noticed a surge of QR Codes in product informational pages, fliers and others, which allows customers to easily access the information they are seeking with their smartphones. All they have to do is scan and voila--they are on your informational page. If you've ever wondered how others do it, check out this app that will save you both time and money by enabling you to create your own materials.

Easy Flyer Creator is an easy-to-use desktop publishing software, designed to help you create, design, print, e-mail, and upload your custom fliers, brochures, leaflets, tickets, and more using built-in templates. All it takes is these easy steps: select a template, upload images and text, preview, and print. And that's it!

At 87 percent off, this is an app worth trying out for yourself, but do check out some of its key features:

  • Choose from more than 100 templates to meet your needs.
  • Advance Image Editor ;ets you edit and add effect to images.
  • Bar code, QR Code and Microsoft tags--add bar codes, including QR Code and Microsoft Tags.
  • Built-in ticket templates--add ticket numbers or serial numbers to documents or tickets.
  • Application user interface language can be changed to Spanish, German, or French from Main Menu of the program.

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