Whether you're trying to create a presentation, capture video game footage, or record a Skype call, HyperCam will help you accomplish your goal. A screencast and editing multitool, HyperCam can be used to create basic screencast clips or produce professional-quality videos. Capture both video and audio content and convert them to AVI, WMV, or ASF formats quickly and easily with the all-new HyperCam 3. For a limited time, you can get this advanced screencast editor for half the regular price -- that's only $19.97.

New features in HyperCam 3:

  • Record Skype video and audio calls.
  • New UI.
  • Grab video in overlay mode.
  • Edit captured video with HyperCam Media Editor.
  • Encode captured sound.
  • Tiny HyperCam tray toolbar.
  • Video previews.

A perfect tool for creating stylish presentations, informative tutorials, and helpful demos to share with friends, family, and colleagues, HyperCam can be yours for only $19.97.

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