BCC your snarky comments in Outlook e-mails for $1.99

For three days only, you can grab Subtextual for just $1.99 and save over 71 percent. Send the right message to the right person with this highly rated Outlook plug-in.

UPDATE September 19, 2011: This offer has now ended.

It's just about 5:00 on a Friday afternoon and you can't wait to get your weekend started, but you have this one e-mail that keeps lingering over your head and whoever "they" may be, they keep responding. It's an e-mail with your high-level executives cc'ed on it, so you can't say anything to the big group, but you want to be able to vent to one of your colleagues without having to send it to everyone else on that email thread. Now, what do you do? Well, you can do something about that with Subtextual--in a situation like this, you can bcc a private message to someone you trust on that e-mail thread and see if they share the same sentiment.

OK, maybe it's not a negative snarky comment--maybe you just want to be able to send a nice private message to a partner or a colleague of yours without sharing all the details with them and give them the background story, so they are aware. Whatever the intention may be, you have options with Subtextual.

Rated 4 stars by CNET, Subtextual allows you to to send a group e-mail and bcc a private message in one message, so you don't have to send a separate e-mail and start a new e-mail thread about the same topic. Subtexutal is designed to empower e-mail users by allowing you to add additional information to selected individuals of an email to users, whether they are in the To, Cc or Bcc field. If you use Microsoft Outlook, this is an easy add-on you can integrate with your current Outlook app, so all you have to do is download, activate and start using it. It's definitely an easy must-have plug-in app if you use Outlook.

Check out a quick summer of its features:

  • Message creation: Quickly create an additional message to one or more recipients of your e-mail.
  • Select Subtextual recipients: Simply choose only those individuals you wish to send the Subtextual message to. Only those selected will receive your private message.
  • Safety: The recipients you did not select to receive the Subtextual message receive a normal looking e-mail, with nothing indicating the sender sent Subtextual information to other recipients.
  • Protect your private messages: When you try to reply-to-all or forward a Subtextual message, you are reminded about the private nature of the message and given an option to only send the public content.

This offer is exclusively available on CNET for 3 days only. Offer expires 11:59 p.m. PDT on Sunday, September 18, 2011.