With all of the recent talk about PRISM, the NSA, and Big Bro Obama following you around the Internet and reading all of your precious e-mails containing links to those "all-critical" YouTube videos your dad keeps sending you, it's great to see a company taking a stand for personal privacy.

Starting this Tuesday, June 25, the folks over at AnchorFree are giving away 50,000 free codes for their Elite Hotspot Shield VPN services, good for six months. These codes will unlock cross-platforms and will work on PC, Mac, and iOS (Android not supported yet), on up to five different devices.

Hotspot Shield lets you surf the Web privately with anonymity. Reduce exposure to malware and viruses with advanced encryption software. Stop hackers, phishers, and other online predators with top-of-the-line security features. You can also bypass censors and annoying geo-restricted sites such as Facebook and YouTube. AnchorFree's VPN service also keeps you safe while surfing via Wi-Fi by encrypting your network traffic. You'll never have to worry again about snoopers listening in, when going online at the airport or your favorite coffee shop.

Sorry we lied, there is no free anchor, just VPN (Credit: AnchorFree)


  • Encrypts all your network traffic data.
  • Masks your IP address from ISPs & snoopers.
  • Gives you private and anonymous browsing.
  • Keeps your identity private.
  • Provides Wi-Fi security at hotels, airports, coffee shops, etc.
  • Protects you from Malware, as well as Infected, Spamming, and Illegal Phishing sites.
  • Virtual Locations in the U.S., U.K., & Australia.

Starting June 25, the first 50,000 users can fight the Man and get the six-month subscription (normally priced at $19.99) for FREE, exclusively on Download.com. Hotspot Shield Elite will work on your PC, Mac, and iOS. This sweet giveaway will last until we run out of codes, so jump on it now while it's still hot...Hotspot Shield, that is.

Raised in the Bay Area but educated on the sandy beaches of San Diego, Tuong writes for Download.com specializing in Windows Security and Mobile Apps.