50 Facebook Wall posts and counting....

Don't let hackers get ahold of your Facebook account. It's not fun for you nor your friends and family.

Just the other day, I got about 50 Facebook Wall posts from my cousin - all of which were the same message, repeated literally 50 plus times. I almost clicked on the first message since it was from my cousin, of all people, but then I saw another Wall post come in that looked exactly the same. So, I knew his account was hacked. I tried to delete them one by one, but it kept coming throughout the day and night for a few days, so I gave up. I guess they are here to stay. I'm still hoping that none of my friends are naive enough to click on those links, but perhaps, what I needed was a security solution like AVG Anti-Virus 2011 to keep me protected from these type of online threats.

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