Zeemote gaming SDK planned for BlackBerry

The superfun gaming gear for mobile phones will slowly make its way onto a BlackBerry near you.

Zeemote with a BlackBerry Bold

Zeemote isn't sharing any details about when its fun, handheld joystick will maneuver cell phone games in North America, but developers can still hatch plans to write Zeemote-controllable games for BlackBerry phones.

On Tuesday, Zeemote announced plans to release the beta version of its software development kit for BlackBerry sometime in early 2009.

We've demoed Zeemote in the past and are starting to wonder what's taking so gosh-darn long to get things rolling. In Europe, Zeemote's Bluetooth joystick (officially called the Zeemote JS1 Controller) has begun to ship with some smartphones--it launched in the Netherlands with Sony Ericsson in August, and this week it's shipping in Germany on the Nokia N85.

After the SDK does become available to BlackBerry developers, we can look forward to Zeemote-compatible games that are played, Wii-like, with the phone in one hand and the helicopter-shaped Zeemote in the other. Hopefully by the time Zeemote games are BlackBerry-ready, RIM will have also preinstalled Zeemote's software that gives the joystick the run of the phone's menu system. As long as you're in Bluetooth range, you'll be able to launch calls remotely and queue up songs on a playlist. So far, only Nokia is privy to that software, called ZeeKey.

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