Your ticket to takeout on Android, iPhone (video)

GrubHub and Seamless Web are two iPhone and Android apps that hook you up with dinner delivery. We take a look in this episode of Tap That App.

Lazy eaters, stop simply searching for restaurants to call for takeout. The GrubHub and Seamless Web apps for iPhone and Android go one step further to place your delivery order.

Seamless what? Seamless Web is a nonsequitor of Web nomenclature for sure, but the app and its GrubHub rival do a decent job walking you through the ordering process. Of course, you are limited to the establishments displayed in each app and the apps may not serve every U.S. city. Still, if you use either Web site, or are looking for a new way to find and secure food, then downloading the free mobile versions are a no-brainer. And with that, dinner is served.

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