Your most popular screensavers

Check out this collection of screensavers that are popular with people like you. From sea life-filled aquariums to mysterious deep space missions, these screensavers bring your desktop to life while you're away from your computer.

Though computer monitor technology has long since passed the days when you truly needed to "save your screen," screensavers are still a lot of fun and a great way to personalize your desktop when you're away from the computer. This collection features screensavers that are most popular with our users.

Free Fire Screensaver

Free Fire Screensaver sets your icons and windows ablaze. Watch as each item slowly catches fire and begins to smoke on your desktop. Crackling and popping sounds and a musical soundtrack complete the effect. Add your own MP3 to customize your desktop flare-up.

3D Fish School Screensaver

3D Fish School Screensaver lets you view up to 100 fish swimming peacefully on your desktop. Choose from a saltwater or freshwater virtual aquarium and tweak the settings to allow for more fish and bubbles. Use the settings to display a clock so you can check the time without waking your computer.

Sim Aquarium

Sim Aquarium reminds us more of a sea floor teaming with aquatic life. Watch your fish swim around a coral reef complete with live clams and swaying sea life. Choose from 41 species of fish.

The Matrix Screen Saver

The Matrix Screen Saver is a longtime favorite for many users and continues to mesmerize with its now classic falling digital code. Wait a second, I think I just spotted myself typing this in the falling code. Maybe we are part of the Matrix! Somehow, I doubt Keanu can save us.

Deep Space 3D Screensaver

Deep Space 3D Screensaver lets you take a trip to a distant galaxy and explore planetary systems and nebulae. As you watch, you may even encounter mysterious items and artifacts floating in the void. Are they manmade? Maybe not. Pleasant music accompanies your journey through space.

3D World Map

3D World Map lets you gaze upon our planet in full 3D and view detailed information on more than 30,000 cities. Compute the distance between any two points on Earth. Tweak settings to adjust color and saturation to customize your view of the globe. This screensaver comes with a built-in MP3 player so you can view the Earth and listen to your own soundtrack.

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