Yelp live in BlackBerry App World

Starting on Wednesday, you can download Yelp's BlackBerry through the App World.

Yelp for BlackBerry

Yelp is no longer a newcomer to BlackBerry smartphones (not since last August, anyway,) but the BlackBerry app has only been available outside RIM's marketplace, BlackBerry App World. Starting on Wednesday, Yelp for BlackBerry (review) will also have a presence in the BlackBerry App World, both in the downloadable storefront on the phone and in the online catalog.

Downloading Yelp via App World takes advantage of App World's My World tab, which tracks the apps you install on your BlackBerry, and which can reinstall applications on a new smartphone if you switch devices.

App World features the latest version of Yelp for BlackBerry, version 1.3, which adds a link for getting directions to a business. In addition, Yelp 1.3 for BlackBerry is now compatible with the standard BlackBerry keyboard shortcuts.

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