Yahoo Messenger for Vista reaches new speeds

A new Windows Vista Hotfix lights a fire under Yahoo Messenger for Vista's preview version, accelerating performance.

Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista

Testers of the Yahoo Messenger for Vista preview version (story) with a need for speed should feel the rush after installing Microsoft's recent Windows Vista Hotfix.

The Hotfix purportedly makes response time in Vista's layered windows up to four times faster, a velocity that affects all applications built with layered windows. In Yahoo Messenger for Vista, menus that overlay the central interface, like the options menu or skin chooser, pick up the pace.

Users who have installed Windows Vista Service Pack 1 Beta already have the Hotfix. Microsoft reports that it will also be available in the service pack's final release. In the meantime, the Hotfix, which addresses Vista's top user complaint, is available a la carte for those who don't want to wait for Vista Service Pack 1.

The files installs for users with administrative privileges and will require a reboot before changes take effect.

* Hotfix for Vista 32-bit
* Hotfix for Vista 64-bit

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