XMBC lets you customize mouse functions

Turn your plain old mouse into a multitasking machine customized to your every whim with X-Mouse Button Control.

From everyday office work to Web browsing or even casual gaming, (X-Mouse Button Control) (XMBC, but not to be confused with the open-source media-center software XBMC) lets you control your computer mouse like a hardcore gamer. With customizable mapping features and numerous profiles setup, X-Mouse Button Control lets you do so much more than your standard pointing and clicking.

Lets you setup a different mouse config for different programs. (Credit: Highresolution Enterprises)

Most modern PC games let you customize the mapping of your keyboard and mouse buttons, but strangely, Windows provides very few options for tweaking your mouse functionality. The basic Mouse Control will only let you make minor adjustments to cursor sensitivity and click speed. The average computer mouse does not give you the ability to change their button functions. Unless you're willing to shell out extra cash for fancy mice (e.g. Logitech or Apple) that come with their own proprietary software, you're stuck using what you've got ... which is where XMBC comes in.

Save your profile. (Credit: Highresolution Enterprises)

Installation is simple--just run the setup file and a small icon of the program will appear in your system tray when it's finished. Right click the icon and you're ready to customize. The freeware provides a large degree of customization that is very easy to use. You can set buttons to copy the function of other buttons, input as a keyboard keystroke, and even create desktop shortcut commands such as copy and paste.

Along remapping all of your mouse functions as you choose, XMBC also includes other cool features. One of our favorites is the ability to invert the wheel scroll, both horizontal and vertical, and the most useful feature allows users to set up different layers (or profiles) to be used in certain situations. We created one layer for doing work on local files, another for Web browsing, one for editing videos and photos, and one specifically for gaming (for those old school/indie games that don't include control settings). Layer switching can be performed on the fly via programmable hot keys or by specifying white apps are associate with which specific layers. Profiles can be exported and imported as needed, allowing for a quick setup process for a new machine.

Remap keystrokes onto a mouse click. (Credit: Highresolution Enterprises)

XMBC is quite handy not only for multitaskers, media editors, and gamers, but it can also provide a great service to non-standard users as well. Left handed people or those with accessibility issues may find that XMBC makes their lives a lot more convenient.

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