WorldMate Live now plotting on Google Maps

Users of WorldMate Live's traveler's companion app for BlackBerry will now be able to plot their hotels, meeting places, and must-try restaurants on their phone's Google Map.

If you use WorldMate Live on your BlackBerry, (hint: the free version comes pre-installed on some models, like the Bold) you may notice something different. On Tuesday, WorldMate Live, a traveler's resource that helps track itineraries, directions, local time, currency conversions, and flight status, made a tiny tweak to the mapping portion of its application for BlackBerry phones: it added Google Maps. Google Maps is now one of four options for plotting points of interest from the traveler's itinerary to whichever third-party mapping app you've set as your default. On BlackBerry phones, those apps include BlackBerry Maps, TelNav, Telmap, and now Google Maps.

This addition will likely quiet the begging of WorldMate Live's international users for some Google Maps integration. Windows Mobile supplicants will have to wait--Google hasn't been added as a mapping option yet for the Windows Mobile version of WorldMate Live, but that could still happen in the future. To download WorldMate Live fresh, point your mobile browser to

WorldMate Live for BlackBerry using Google Maps
You can now make WorldMate Live a default map provider on your BlackBerry. (Credit: MobiMate)

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