Windows desktop: Go 3D

Windows 7 Stacks, BumpTop, and top free antivirus apps.

Just over a year ago, we took a close look at a Windows app that was supposed to turn the way some of us interact with our desktop on its head. And that was three years after the product's demo video debuted. Now it's back. BumpTop reimagines the desktop as a 3D surface where you can fling, fan, or even stack your desktop files. While we haven't heard much about the app's development since then, Google's sure been paying attention. The company gobbled up the conceptware over the weekend. There's no confirmation yet, but we wouldn't be surprised to see something similar to BumpTop's 3D desktop pop up in future laptops based on Google's Chrome operating system.

If you've got a Windows 7 PC, there's no need to wait to alter its behavior. We introduce you to two Windows apps that emulate a popular Mac tool known as Stacks. The original Mac app visually organizes groups of related programs, files, and folders from a central desktop dock. The two Windows 7 utilities, 7Stacks and Standalone Stack, achieve similar ends from the taskbar.

After spending so much energy customizing your computer, it would be a shame to see malware destroy your efforts. We've rounded up six of our free antivirus favorites for your consideration


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