Windows and Linux converge

With Ubuntu shipping on Dell machines, and Wubi letting any Windows user try Linux, are the two operating systems moving closer together?

Linux and Windows graphic
Is Linux becoming more compatible with Microsoft Windows? (Credit: CNET Networks)

The alternative, open-source operating system Linux has been making news recently. Last week, Dell began shipping PCs with the Linux distribution Ubuntu pre-installed, and on Friday I took a look at Wubi, free Windows software that lets you install and run Ubuntu on your Windows machine without creating a boot CD or partitioning your hard drive.

According to recent stats from W3Counter, Linux still holds only a tiny fraction of the personal-computing market share (slightly less than Windows 98!), but there's definitely a convergence going on within Windows, Mac, and Linux software development. The excellent personal-finance software GnuCash was recently ported from Linux to Windows, and the Lina project plans to soon release software that will let Windows and Mac users run Linux software on the OS of their choice.

Are you curious about Ubuntu or Linux? Have you had any personal experience with Linux software, or could you not care less? Tell me about it in the comments.

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