Windows 7, LimeWire, Flash flaw

A Windows 7 update will be ready by July, LimeWire sees another day, Adobe Flash suffers a critical flaw.

Your eyes may be glued to the iPhone 4 headlines coming out of Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, but Apple isn't the only company with news to share.

At Microsoft's TechEd conference in New Orleans, Microsoft estimated it would have a public beta for the first service pack update to Windows 7 ready by July. Though the updates will be minor, if you're using Windows 7, keep your peepers open.

In May we reported that analysts predicted the demise of popular peer-to-peer service LimeWire. Sure enough, last Friday the RIAA asked the courts to pull the plug. In a last-minute twist, the file-sharing service has won a two-week reprieve to cobble together a last-ditch effort at survival.

Shifting gears to your computer's survival, we learned that Adobe has discovered a "critical" flaw in its Flash Player, Reader, and Acrobat apps that could give infiltrators control over your computer. Currently, there's no patch, but there is a work around--just download the Flash Player 10.1 release candidate, which, according to Adobe, has tested clean and doesn't have the flaw.

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