Will you use Safari?

Yesterday's announcement of Safari for Windows made big news, but will Windows users actually use it? Will you?


For those of us interested in software, the lack of an iPhone developer's kit announcement at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference yesterday was a bit of a disappointment.

What we got instead was Safari for Windows, which is exactly what I don't need: another Web browser. When considered with the relaunch of Netscape Navigator last week, it's clear, however, that the battle for control of your browser is still a major front in the software wars.

Internet Explorer has reigned supreme since the dawn of the new century, while Mozilla Firefox continues to chip away at Microsoft's market share. Opera blazes trails on mobile devices and the Nintendo Wii, while products like Adobe AIR have the potential to replace your browser completely.

So what's it all mean? Well, it sounds like good news to me. The software that most of us spend the most time with is the browser, and we've got some of the most talented software developers on the planet trying to prove that their browsers are the best.

In essence, we have a multibillion-dollar development team working on making our free software even better. Who can argue with that?

What do you think about Safari? Would you consider switching from IE7, Firefox 2, or Opera? Is anyone out there still using Netscape 7.2? How about Lynx? Tell me about it in the comments.

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