WhipCast app hints at GOP smartphone of choice?

The Office of the Republican Whip brings forth WhipCast...on BlackBerry.

WhipCast on BlackBerry

iPhones may be all the rage in tech-crazy Silicon Valley, but if a new political app is any indication, RIM's BlackBerry is at the heart of government.

This time the RIM love comes not from President Obama, who made headlines for trying to hold onto his BlackBerry after being sworn into office, but from across the aisle.

From the office of Republican Whip Eric Cantor comes WhipCast for BlackBerry, a free GOP-focused aggregator for text, pictures, and videos from the House floor. WhipCast monitors such activities as discussions, polling information, and floor schedule updates (which you can also follow on Twitter). Installing WhipCast on a memory card gives users offline access to stories that show up in the feed.

It's not immediately clear who developed WhipCast for Cantor's office, but the app is certainly one indication that the Republican Party is doing its part to embrace social media.

When WhipCast comes out for Android, and begins integrating Facebook and Twitter feeds, we'll know they succeeded.

(Via Talking Points Memo (TPM))

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