Vringo 2.0 expands to Symbian, more Java phones

After announcing version two of its video ringtone application for Sony Ericsson phones, Vringo brings the application to more Java-enabled devices and to Symbian handsets.

Vringo 2.0

Last month we took a look at Vringo Mobile Application 2.0, a downloadable application that lets you choose your own signature video ringtone for other Vringo users to see when you call them. Back then, it was severely limited to Sony Ericsson phones. On Tuesday, Vringo let it be known that Vringo 2.0 will also now also available for Java-enabled handsets, and for a wider variety of Symbian phones.

Among the most significant changes to Vringo's made-over mobile application are thumbnail images that let you see a tiny still of a video you might be interested in using, a video preview you can watch before downloading the selection, and higher playback resolution for some phone models, for instance those running the Java 8 operating system.

We'd still like to see Vringo's mobile application improve the speeds at which it loads those video previews. Especially if you're in a dry data zone, previewing a video can take a few pregnant moments.

Windows Mobile users itching to get their hands on Vringo 2.0 will still have to wait a few weeks. According to Vringo, it plans to announce its Windows Mobile client later in February.

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