Vlingo voice app lands on BlackBerry Tour, Curve

Vlingo's voice prompt application for BlackBerry comes to two of RIM's newer phones.

Vlingo logo

This week, Vlingo, makers of a freemium mobile voice prompt application for BlackBerry and iPhone, released versions of its Vlingo software for the BlackBerry Curve 8520 and Tour.

With it, Curve and Tour owners can join their BlackBerry brethren in searching the Web, launching applications, and dialing with their voice. Voice dialing on the BlackBerry already exists, but Vlingo's ability to begin Web searches and open applications expands those native capabilities.

The most recent version of Vlingo, unveiled in May, introduced a robotic vocal confirmation that reads back your actions. It also added two optional, premium features; one is a voice-prompt texting feature and the other, e-mail dictation. Both services, packaged into Vlingo Plus, cost a $17.99 one-time fee. E-mail dictation had been a free, core feature in Vlingo 2.0, so the premium package marks a shift in Vlingo's revenue model. The previous Vlingo 2.0 app won't time out, so existing users could continue with it if they'd prefer.

Vlingo is available now in the BlackBerry App Store, or via Vlingo.com.

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