Visual collaboration, anywhere with anyone, made even easier

The CanvasDropr extension for Chrome lets you access the intuitive collaboration engine while surfing the Web.

How it works: your virtual workspace is your canvas. Drop photos, videos, and documents anywhere on the Web or upload them from your computer onto your canvas. Create drawings and add text on the fly. Edit and change as you see fit, then share with others. Don't want to do it by yourself? Invite friends to divide and conquer. Multiple users can collaborate on canvases in real time. Office presentations can be created in minutes with the help of co-workers working from different platforms. Create your vacation album and share instantly or present in story form as family and friends watch edits as they are made.

The CanvasDropr extension for Chrome makes this even easier. Now instead of having to search for files, you can right-click to add photos, videos, documents, and other rich media instantly while you browse the Web. You can create a new canvas or add to an existing one. It is also a quick way to launch into your canvas and invite members into your workspace, which allows you to save time and be more creative.

You can grab the beta of the extension here. Head on over to CanvasDropr to learn more or to make yourself an account.

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