Un-operating system

A molasses-slow operating system plagues David's friend, and spyware is to blame. When the computer refuses to boot, David must find a way to save his friend's data, and the entire OS.

Spyware has smashed the Windows operating system.

David's friend calls him in a panic. There's something wrong with his computer, and it's clearly malware.

However, when David attempts to reboot the Windows machine, he discovers that the problem lies much deeper--the whole operating system, it seems, has been corrupted beyond repair.

How does David resuscitate his friend's computer and save his important data in the process? Learn David's creative solution in this week's Spyware Horror Story.

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Jessica Dolcourt reviews smartphones and cell phones, covers handset news, and pens the monthly column Smartphones Unlocked. A senior editor, she started at CNET in 2006 and spent four years reviewing mobile and desktop software before taking on devices.