U.S. Election Day downloads

Keep track of election day news on your PC as the votes come pouring in.

All eyes will be on America on Tuesday as unprecedented numbers vote in the 2008 presidential elections and state propositions. How will you keep track throughout the day?

The Election 2008 Political Ticker
The Election 2008 Political Ticker: Pretty, smooth, partisan. (Credit: CNET)

Your gut may lead you to constantly refresh several news sites for the latest headlines. That'll keep you current, but will also keep you from your daily duties. Obsessing over an RSS reader and notifications is smarter, and less disruptive to your work flow. Feed Demon and RSS Bandit are good choices, but an RSS ticker might be even better at delivering headline news to political news junkies.

GOP supporters should look to the free Election 2008 Political Ticker, an attractive ticker for tracking blog, video, and news feeds. Sources lean mostly Republican, though there are three token sites for Democrats and the ability to subscribe to Google feeds you build by keyword. Unfortunately, the ticker doesn't let you add your own feeds, an omission that inconveniences users from all parties.

Titlebar Ticker
The basic, but customizable Titlebar Ticker feeds you news on your active window. (Credit: CNET)

Titlebar Ticker is a homelier, but more open freeware ticker that's coupled with a traditional RSS-reading app. Titlebar Ticker may not be a looker, but its trump card is being able to read news on any active window. You'll also be able to freely add and organize your own RSS feeds, though other customizations are thin and there's no preview window for making changes to the ticker's skin.

This free presidential election desktop widget from Wikio isn't a ticker, but it is another option for pulling down election-specific news if you're running Windows Vista.

Finally, for those who agree that it's never too late to root for your team, here are trial downloads for Obama and McCain screensavers. They may not influence your coworkers at this point, but they will shout out your position with pride.

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