TweetDeck update restores some features, adds new ones

The first big update since the new version of the multi-protocol Twitter client debuted brings improved retweet editing, "interactions," and the return of inline media.

'Edit and RT' returns to TweetDeck. (Credit: Twitter)

Twitter finally has begun to update TweetDeck, with a major release today. It restores some features that had been pared away during December's beak-to-tail-feather overhaul, and brings a couple of new ones along for the ride, too.

TweetDeck 1.3 (download for Windows and Mac) brings back media previews, list management, and the previous retweeting style. It also introduces the Activity and Mentions columns to the desktop client, pulling it into parity with the Web site and mobile apps.

In its blog post announcing the update, Twitter revealed that it replaced the "Quote" retweet option with the prior style, "Edit and RT," because of user complaints. You now have the option of the newer "Retweet" style, or the original "RT @username:" format.

The return of inline media previews means that you can watch video and view pictures without having the link open in your browser. Meanwhile, the return of list management means that you can once again create, edit, and delete lists. It's been enhanced, though, so you can now add or remove a person from a list via a menu option.

The Interactions column option brings the feature to the desktop app for the first time. If you use the Twitter Web site or app, it's available there as an expanded Mentions column, showing not only mentions, but retweets and new followers. The Activity column comes from the Discover tab on the Web site, and shows what the people you follow have been up to, including follows, favorites, and list changes.

In brief testing, the new features and improvements appeared to work well. At least on Windows, though, TweetDeck is still plagued by some bugginess that includes often not recognizing some contact list nicknames.