Turntable.fm now playing on Android

Now Android users can join in on the Turntable.fm fun, listening to streaming tracks, spinning their own, and rocking crowds of head-bobbing avatars.

After rocking the eardrums of countless listeners on the Web and iOS, fan-favorite music-streaming app Turntable.fm has made its way onto the Android platform.

So far, Turntable.fm for Android appears very much like its iOS counterpart, with its hypnotic, head-bobbing avatars, slick buttons, and familiar interface. It makes it easy to listen to tunes in one room while simultaneously browsing through other rooms. And of course, it also lets you share rooms via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail. Different from the iOS version, though, the Android app lets you log in with Twitter. Also, the Lame/Awesome buttons are now simply thumbs-up/thumbs-down buttons.

Turntable.fm for Android (download) is available now for free download on Google Play. You can sign in and get started spinning with a Facebook or Twitter account.