Turn your RSS feed into a "Star Wars" crawl

The StarRSS Web app from user fotcorn at github lets you turn your boring, old RSS feed into a classic scrolling text intro à la "Star Wars."

If Google's recent decision to pull the plug on the (incredibly useful and beloved) RSS tool Google Reader has convinced you that the search giant is now the Evil Empire, then join the Rebel Alliance with the RSS reader StarRSS, from user fotcorn at github. Simply enter in an RSS feed into the box on the landing page and a scrolling list of items will appear as familiar horns trumpet the start of that classic movie music.

Why read the news when you can have it cinematically broadcast? (Credit: StarRSS (screenshot by Peter Butler))

Clicking on the items in your feed as they scroll up and become smaller and smaller isn't the easiest task in the world, but it works adequately. Unfortunately, regular clicks will open stories in your same tab, so if you want to keep the feed and music rolling, you'll need to practice your Ctrl-button-augmented or scroll-wheel-button clicking in order to open links in new tabs or windows. But that's beside the point, isn't it? StarRSS isn't designed to be an everyday RSS reader. It's a novelty app to put your LOLcat blog on par with "Episode IV: A New Hope." And why not?!

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