TuneUp your iTunes music library

If you are an iTunes fan with a large library of music, chances are you have several songs with missing tags and cover art. Grab this program to fill in the blanks and give you more information about your favorite bands.

TuneUp Companion

If you are an iTunes fan with a large library of music, chances are you have several songs with missing tags and cover art. Most people get their music from a number of sources, making it inevitable that some of your music doesn't have the right tags. While you could go in and fill in the genre, album name, and artist fields by hand, a huge library would take a long time to get through--not to mention all the time it would take searching for all the missing album artwork.

TuneUp Companion (Windows or Mac) is a plug-in for iTunes that does all the tedious tagging and cover art retrieval work for you. In addition to cleaning up your library, TuneUp offers the "Tuniverse," which locates videos, concert tickets, and news on the Web about selected bands. You also can find out when the artist of the currently playing track has a concert coming up in your area. I wrote about an early version of the software in June of last year, and while it did a fairly good job of cleaning up tags and cover art, I didn't think it was quite ready for prime time.

TuneUp Companion
TuneUp Companion shows up right along side of iTunes so it's easy to drag and drop tracks for cleaning (Credit: CNET)

Well, the folks at TuneUp Media announced today they have streamlined TuneUp Companion and added a new look and extra features to sweeten the deal. Along with the cleaner interface, users will now be able to choose which metadata to save through TuneUp Companion's newly added field-specific cleaning. Other tweaks include the ability to disable greatest hits compilations in search results and Mac users will now be able to choose whether they'd like TuneUp to create playlists of all the albums they've cleaned.

TuneUp Companion
The Tuniverse tab gives you a nice overview of currently playing music along with online videos, news, and more. (Credit: CNET)

The downloadable trial will let you sample some of the program's features including 100 free track cleanups and 50 cover art matches, along with the Tuniverse information and upcoming concerts. The pricing for the full version of the program is a bit strange. You get unlimited use of the product for $19.95 a year, or you can pay $29.95 for a lifetime membership. Sounds to me like any sane person would pay $29.95, but that's probably what they're banking on. Either way, if you have a big or growing music library, TuneUp Companion is a great way to get all your music properly labeled. The additional easily accessible online news and videos as well as concert information are icing on the cake.

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