Tubalr: Spotify and YouTube rolled into one

Create your personal YouTube radio and TV channel with Tubalr.

Tubalr has been making a buzz among the Web community quite recently by bringing a service everyone has been asking for but has never been quite fulfilled until now. This simple Web app lets you create playlists from YouTube videos. Simply input a search term, select between 'only' and 'similar' depending on how much you want to narrow down your options, and Tubalr will auto-generate a video playlist according to your search. The 'only' function will bring up videos directly relevant to your key term while hitting 'similar' can bring up a variety of related videos.

For example, we started by looking up everybody's favorite K-Pop song, 'Gangnam Style' by Psy. Hitting 'only' brought us about 10 variations of the song by Psy as well as renditions by others. The videos will continue to play until it reaches the end of the list, when it will return to the first video and repeat. If you've been looking for a way to continuously loop one YouTube song, this is one way to do it. Search for your video, remove all others from the playlist, leaving your desired video as the only selection, then hit Play. Did we mention that all of the videos are played ad-free? Using Tubalr's service is free of charge, while signing up gives you the option of creating and saving playlists for later.

There are some minor gripes when using Tubalr, the most obvious one being the search function. Searching for a specific phrase will sometimes not return it as the first result and will require some digging through the generated playlist. Some searches will take longer, depending on how popular your selection is. Since the site is getting more popular, expect some slowdown here and there. However, all of these issues do not outweigh the enormous benefit Tubalr brings to the table. It is a fantastically easy-to-use service that could become indispensable to any YouTube fanatic.

Check out Tubalr.

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