Trillian 5 for Windows will finally look good

The Trillian multinetwork chat app celebrates its 10th birthday by announcing a dramatically refreshed version of its IM app for Windows PCs.

Trillian 5
Trillian all-in-one IM will get a major visual refresh in version 5 for Windows. (Credit: Trillian)

If you're like us, Trillian's multinetwork chat app has been one of those programs whose quite useful set of IM features could never overcome its outmoded, cacophonous interface. All that is about to change, and we couldn't be more relieved.

On Thursday, Trillian-maker Cerulean Studios announced work on Trillian 5 for Windows, a beta of which is expected to arrive in the next few weeks after the current round of internal testing.

The redesigned interface is a key improvement, and a teaser screenshot already reveals it to be cleaner, more modern, and easier on the eyes.

In addition, Trillian 5 will be optimized for Windows 7, and it will sync your chat history across Trillian on Windows and mobile platforms. On the social-networking side, news feeds for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn get some work done, and a Foursquare plug-in means you'll be able to check in from Trillian on Windows 7 machines.

Behind the scenes, Cerulean Studios promises that Trillian 5 will be lighter, faster, and more compact than previous builds, which have been known to lag.

These announcements aren't a bad way for the company to celebrate Trillain's 10th birthday, which it's also marking with a $15 discount sale of the premium Trillian Pro features. You can sign up to be part of the forthcoming beta here.

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