Transform photos to 3D with 3Defy

3Defy is a free, simple-to-use 3D modeler that allows users to transform 2D photos into 3D objects.

Ever wanted to give your old 2D pictures or photos that extra oomph? How about adding an extra dimension to that dusty two-axis plane?

3Defy offers a fully functional 3D modeling environment, all within the comfort of your browser. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/ CNET)

Users can use a small but effective set of tools to edit their pictures. (Credit: Screenshot by Eddie Cho/CNET)

3Defy Modeler is an interactive Web app that allows users to transform their photos into three-dimensional objects for free. Built by a team of passionate engineers, designers and 3D enthusiasts, 3Defy provides a a relatively basic set of tools to alter two dimensional images. Powered by Adobe Flash Player 11's 3D technology, users can turn various objects in their images into separate layers. Each layer can be exaggerated by users using 3Defy's built in tools. Users can push, pull, bend, or warp objects in various ways. Though 3Defy won't replace your industrial level 3D modeler, it does provide enough tools to create some pretty "eye-popping" visuals when placed in capable hands.

As for users who are new to 3D work, we recommend starting simple: aim for only one or two objects in your picture to pop out. Here are some examples that we created in a matter of minutes. Granted 3D enthusiasts will probably prefer more feature-rich applications, but 3Defy is a solid, interactive demonstration of how Adobe's new 3D platform can be utilized on the Web. Come take a dive and prepare to be 3Defied.

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