Top free antispyware picks

We bring you six top free titles in antispyware, a full review of Windows 7 professional, and news of a brand-new rival to Google Voice.

Major malicious software epidemics like the much-feared Conficker virus may be fewer and farther between these days, but just because you can't see a threat, doesn't mean it can't hurt you. To that effect, we've rounded up a collection of top antispyware applications on Not only will these six favorite programs help catch out lurking intruders, but also their services won't cost a cent, unless you choose to upgrade.

In the meantime, those considering an upgrade in the fall to Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system should take note that Microsoft has enhanced its own security detail. For example, the revisited and revised User Account Controls let you choose one of three levels for restricting user access. Microsoft also introduces a new mode of operation for removable drives that's intended to help suffocate sneaky malicious software before it loads. Read more about security in Windows 7 Professional here.

In other news, Google got a rival to its free voice service, Google Voice. 3jam beta differs slightly in its offering, but matches Google Voice in call forwarding, SMS, and visual voice mail. Although 3jam's is a premium service, it is globally available now (Google Voice is in closed, invite-only beta) and lets you take your mobile number with you.

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