Tip: CCleaner sweeps up after Google Chrome

Did you know? You can now erase Internet tracks on the Chrome browser using the free, well-known CCleaner.

CCleaner supporting Chrome
The latest CCleaner update now clears Internet data from Chrome. (Credit: CNET)

At first they tried Google's Chrome browser out of curiosity. Now, the growing ranks of those who have switched to Chrome (or vacillate, like CNET's own Stephen Shankland) will be looking for browser support services and add-ons to complete the transition.

The latest version of the free, solid Internet privacy application CCleaner is one app to oblige. In late December, it added Chrome to its list of supported browsers, along with Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

CCleaner actually reaches deeper in Chrome than in Opera and Safari, dumping the download history and saved form information in addition to cookies, Internet history, and Internet cache. Of course, Internet history has become more virtue than vice as a searching time-saver, and any of the cleaning options may be easily skipped from the scan.

We're glad to see the well-regarded CCleaner taking Chrome on board at this relatively early stage, and we hope other developers soon follow suit.

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