Three smart Outlook add-ons

We show you three great Outlook add-ons to help you organize your e-mail and your life, plus two Outlook alternatives in case Microsoft's predominant in-box is too conventional, or too pricey.

As someone who parses through a prodigious amount of e-mail every day, I'm constantly working with Microsoft Outlook to find e-mails and recipients, add new contacts, write myself reminders, and make sure I actually see those reminders even after I've left the office.

Three free or free-to-try add-ons are a constant help. There's Xobni, a search tool, Gwabbit, a contact management helper, and Google Calendar Sync beta, which helps keep calendar items current in Outlook, Google's Calendar, or both. Read more about the three killer Outlook add-ons here.

If Outlook is too conventional (or expensive) for your tastes, we recommend checking out Thunderbird, a free, five-star alternative from the people who brought you Firefox. There's also Postbox, a Thunderbird-powered variation in beta, which just received support for extensions.

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