The juiciest iPhone apps for you

iPhone apps are ripe for the plucking. Chew on this list of CNET editors' tasty new cult favorites.

Apples iPhone
CNET\'s iPhone app roll call (Credit: CNET Networks)

The glossy hype over the Apple iPhone has certainly faded some, but that hasn't bothered the independent and corporate third-party developers that have been polishing up iPhone apps to run over the device's mobile Safari browser.

There's some sweet, juicy webware out there, including iPhone-friendly versions of multinetwork IM giant Trillian, and Twitter, the social-microblogging upstart.

There are also some lesser known but no less deserving offerings, like the Mobile Home headline feed, Web storage, and eBuddy IM, a Trillian and Meebo IM competitor.

Check out the CNET editors' roll call on iPhone Approll, and share with us any iPhone apps you've taken a shine to in the comments below.

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