Tetris Free officially comes to Android

Today EA Mobile announced that a free version of Tetris, one of the world's most popular mobile games, has finally hit the Android Market.

To the delight of veteran gamers and newcomers alike, EA Mobile has today released a free version of Tetris (download) for the Android platform. Already one of the most popular franchises in mobile gaming history, this just-released free version of Tetris comes with new and improved visuals, smooth touch-screen controls, and, of course, that world-famous soundtrack. But, as with other free downloads, Tetris Free is ad-supported, so if you get easily annoyed by either interstitial or leaderboard-style ads, prepare to grit your teeth because this game features both.

Tetris Free is available now in the Android Market. It joins the recently launched Scrabble Free (download) as EA's second free offering on the Android platform.