Talkbits voice chat app is Twitter for voice messages

Talkbits is an Android and iOS app that shares your voice messages with people nearby.

You walk the walk, but can you talk the Talkbits? Talkbits is a location-based real-time social voice stream -- in other words, it's like Twitter with voice messages.

Talkbits is a voice app for Android and iPhone. (Credit: Talkbits)

Instead of pithy typed messages, the new Talkbits app lets you say something or ask a question and then make that spoken message available for people nearby to listen and respond to. And you can hear messages from other people in a public stream, chatting for free to people nearby or around the world.

These spoken messages are sorted in geotagged channels so you and other people nearby can hear and talk about things that are happening locally. For example, Talkbits wants users to post their own first-hand account of interesting things they've seen so you can get accounts of local news, in the voice of someone who actually witnessed events unfolding.

You can get traffic updates from people who are actually stuck in traffic, with the advantage that voice messages are hands-free. Or if you're new in town, you can ask and receive advice or recommendations from locals.

You can have private chats with people you've confirmed as Talkbits friends, or group chats too. The Talkbits app works on Android and iOS devices. It's launching in the U.K. and U.S. for now and will soon be talking the talk in Turkey, Brazil, Singapore, Indonesia, and South Korea.

The video below offers information about Talkbits, complete with Seinfeld music: