TabSense for Chrome: Smart choice for clutter

Google Chrome extension TabSense organizes all of your windows and tabs into a neat space.

TabSense, a fast-moving Google Chrome extension, fights the distractions inherent to multiple tabs and windows. Similar to Mozilla Firefox's upcoming "Tab Candy," this Chromium extension efficiently declutters your work space by organizing your tabs all in one spot. While it has a few glitches that need hasty fixing, this new tool is handy for anyone who finds themselves navigating through multiple windows and tabs.

The TabSense icon at the right-hand side of the address bar opens a page filled with boxes that represent your open Chrome windows. Each box contains a list of the window's tabs. Here you have the capability to rename each box based on its function. Create a "work" box filled with serious tabs, a "research" box, or a "blog" box--patiently waiting for you to get side-tracked.

The glitchy suitcase moves the box to the bottom of the page, closing its respective window until it is needed. (Credit: Screenshot by Polina Polishchuk/CNET)

Open a tab in its respective window by clicking on it inside the TabSense box. The "star" feature is useful when you need to save important tabs. Starring the tab inside the box will send its respective icon to the space underneath the address bar; every time you open a new Chrome window followed by a new TabSense page, this list will appear.

Thanks to the message, "It is still a WORK IN PROGRESS. More features remain to be added," on the add-on's Web site, it is no surprise that the extension has some bugs. Its minor annoyances include the lack of "options" in its settings menu and the need to refresh the TabSense page anytime you exit or enter a new Chrome window or tab. The most frustrating feature includes a miniature suitcase icon; who knew that luggage could be so vexing. Clicking on it sends the box to the left-hand corner of the page, closing the respective window until it is needed again. The issue is that once the window is reopened, the TabSense page is illegible and smashed together. Thankfully, you can correct this by refreshing the TabSense page.

TabSense is an easy way to organize your browsing experience. It helps focus Web surfing into specific, personalized categories. Though it has some hiccups, the extension is great for notorious tab packers.