Syncing Windows Mobile to Vista? Not with ActiveSync

New Windows Vista users should know: ActiveSync will implode on impact. Here's what you need instead.

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While Windows Vista is slowly adopted, subsequent waves of users may make the mistake of downloading the latest version of ActiveSync to hook up their Windows Mobile device.

This is a bad idea. ActiveSync withers when it comes into contact with Vista's radiant style sheets. Instead of creating ActiveVista, or some similarly named offshoot, Microsoft opted for an overhaul. And lo, Windows Mobile Device Center was born.

Sadly, Windows Mobile Device Center (for 32-bit and 64-bit desktops) only syncs your cell with up to two computers; hard luck for someone with an office rig, a laptop, and a desktop (or two) at home. Other than that, the snappy Vistafied app cleans up ActiveSync's muddled interface with sliding tiles for tweaking settings, accessing files, downloading multimedia, and running utilities.

Windows Mobile Device Center + Vista = Usability.

There's no staging area for quick installations; however, you can transfer a file from the desktop into the device folder (which you can get to through the file management folder of Windows Mobile Device Center) and then run the file from the phone.

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