Sync Firefox across computers

Changes are in store for the beta add-on that syncs Firefox tabs, history, and more across multiple Firefox browsers, including a plan to fold the extension into Firefox 4.0.

In late 2008, Firefox-maker Mozilla hatched a brand-new add-on from its Labs division. Known as Weave Sync, the extension, like the popular Xmarks (known then as Foxmarks), would synchronize open browser tabs, bookmarks, history, and preferences across all Firefox browsers--including mobile versions like Firefox for Nokia's Maemo platform and in-development versions for other mobile platforms.

Since then, the beta version of Weave Sync has received a stream of updates. The latest version gets a new identity, Firefox Sync. The product name change indicates that although the syncing add-on remains in beta, Mozilla's engineers think that its tool is finally good enough to be drawn into the Firefox family name.

Even more noteworthy, we expect to see version 2.0 of Firefox Sync folded into the next major version of the Firefox browser. Firefox 4.0 could pop up as soon as November this year. You can try out the experimental version of Firefox Sync 1.3 beta 5 (at your own risk, of course) and read more about the changes here.

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