Stay secure, time-lapse your face

A new plug-in for the facial recognition computer log-in software KeyLemon stores how you look every day, and creates a time-lapse video from it.

Not all is doom and gloom in the security world. Facial recognition security program KeyLemon now offers a simple way to create a time-lapse video of your face in the latest update to its free eponymous program.

The new optional plug-in, called LemonDay and available today exclusively from CNET, takes a photo of your face when you log in to your computer and stitches these photos together into a slightly self-indulgent video.

No separate download is required to install LemonDay. Simply upgrade the free version of KeyLemon for Windows (download) or KeyLemon for Mac (download) to the new 2.6.

The new log-in screen includes a box in the upper left corner that reads, "Enable LemonDay plug-in." Check that box, and KeyLemon will record each of your log-in expressions. There are also a decent number of settings you can manipulate, including image preview speed, exporting the video, and face alignment.

True self-indulgence in the digital age is impossible without a Facebook sharing option. Enter in your credentials to upload the video directly to Facebook, so you can share a fun but no doubt narcissistic benefit of cutting-edge security.