Stay connected with Windows Mobile

Become a master of mobile technology with this collection of downloads designed for Windows Mobile users on the go.

Aside from keeping you in touch with your colleagues and friends, your Windows Mobile device might also be your portable music player, personal calendar, gaming machine, and, of course, your mobile gateway to the Internet.

No matter how many uses you already have for your portable device, there's always more to discover. Become a master of mobile technology with this collection of downloads designed for Windows Mobile users on the go.

PocketMirror Professional

Your contacts are the same whether you're calling from home or Albuquerque, so syncing your portable device with your home PC is an invaluable exercise. Luckily for you, PocketMirror Professional can take care of most of the work itself. Adjust your settings via ActiveSync and then synchronize your contacts, calendar, and task folders as you desire.

Pocket Informant 2007

If you need a bit more power than simply syncing your contacts, replace Pocket Outlook completely with this powerful scheduling shareware. Manage your to-do lists, schedule, notes, and contacts by day, week, month, or year. It also includes complete compatibility with Microsoft Outlook.


Wake-up calls and bad radio alarms are so 20th century. Create customizable alerts with up to 20 different sounds for appointments, events, or tasks directly from the Today menu. Alarms can include notes and be disabled with one click. The program integrates with your Outlook calendar to make programming reminders a snap.


If you're a fan of the Google Calendar, this shareware application lets you easily sync your calendar on your Windows Mobile device with your schedule on Google. The free version only allows you to sync one Google Calendar, but a $29.99 yearly subscription unlocks a host of pro features.


Being on the go is great fun...until you pass through Kansas during tornado season. The free utility ADBWeatherPlus provides U.S. and international weather forecasts, statistics, and detailed radar maps directly to your Pocket PC device.

Skype for Windows Mobile

If you've got a Windows Mobile device with an Internet connection but no phone functionality, look no further than the VoIP offering from the makers of the popular desktop software. Make free calls to other online Skype users anywhere in the world, or call landlines for a small fee.

Magic Button

Considered indispensable by many Windows Mobile users, this fabulous and free task utility is one of those applications that should be bundled into the operating system. Instantly display which applications are running, check your battery power, arrange control icons, and shut down specific programs selectively, among many other useful functions.

Avvenu Music Player

Why bother transferring large music files to your Windows Mobile device when you can just stream your iTunes library directly from your Windows PC? The free Avvenu Music Player lets you listen to playlists from your home library no matter where you are. You can even share your playlists with friends.


Even the most productive professionals on the move need to slow down and have some fun from time to time. Rather than needlessly worry about that upcoming presentation while you're waiting in the office lobby, why not de-stress a little with this excellent freeware interpetation of the classic Tetris game.

JiWire HotSpot Helper

Even though you can manage most of your life with your Windows Mobile device, sometimes you have to plug in the laptop and get down to work, even when you're on the road. If you're stuck in a new location without any Internet access, the JiWire Toolbar can help you locate and connect to wireless access points. You can also manage your wireless connection completely from your browser with the JiWire Toolbar for Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

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